Wishbone Necklace

Everyone that has ever been at a Thanksgiving dinner knows that the wishbone when broken by two people is something that brings that person’s wish to reality. The basic concept of the wishbone is much like a shooting star, in that a person makes a wish and this is supposed to come true. One of the newer fashion trends that are on the market is a wishbone necklace, and it is just as people would suspect it is. This is a wishbone pendant that is on a chain, ribbon or rope that is worn around the neck.

Styles of the Wishbone Necklace

Most people when they see these wishbone necklaces are going to find that the wishbone is attacked at the top to the chain and then the two prongs of the wishbone hang down. And this is the most common style that this will be found in. However, there is the style in which the wishbone is lying horizontal so that one prong is attached to the necklace and the top of the wishbone is also attached. It makes for a different look, and many times people cannot tell that this is actually a wishbone necklace.

The wishbone can be on a silver chain, which is the most common type, however, there are those wishbones that are on beaded necklaces, gold chains and ribbon. The one that a person chooses is going to be based on what they are personally wanting.

The Meaning of the Wishbone

Most people know that the wishbone when broken is meant to symbolize a wish coming true. However, for those that wear this wishbone with them at all times is meant to help them bring luck to the person all the time. There are many prominent figures in Hollywood that are sporting the wishbone necklace as a regular accessory that they wear with everyday clothes and when they go out. Therefore, they are probing just how versatile these types of necklaces are for those that want to wear them at all times.

In most cases, the person that ends up getting one of these wishbone necklaces are going to find that they are going to get something that they can wear at any time. These are versatile necklaces that are going to allow the person to have something that is simple, beautiful and elegant. Unlike other types of necklaces out there, the wishbone necklace is going to be understated and not something that is going to have heads turning, but it will be something that the wearer holds dear.

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